The My Yellow Balloon Narrative Writing Project

An eight week project where the student will learn to write, illustrate, and produce their own children’s book. The student then gets the opportunity to share their book within the community.

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“Middle School kids have a lot to share and providing them with the avenue to do that can sometimes be tricky. The My Yellow Balloon Narrative Writing Project was a divine intervention for kids to be able to share. It gave them permission to be vulnerable. It gave them permission to publish…and the pride that is exhibited when (the students) read to younger kids and display their work in the community is pretty unparalleled.”
— Lisa Fraser, Middle School Principal

The project includes:

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Grade-wide Assembly

The project is kicked off with an inspirational grade-wide assembly where Ms. Papageorge delivers a powerful reading of My Yellow Balloon set to a beautifully animated and scored version of the book. She also tells the "story behind the story" where she shares how she originally wrote My Yellow Balloon as a ninth-grader for an English assignment. 

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facilitate Grief workshop for teachers

Ms. Papageorge works with the principal to facilitate a workshop with the teachers on the subject of loss and the impact it has on learning. The workshop helps teachers identify critical signs and gives them tools they need on the front lines with their students.

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Curriculum training

A comprehensive teacher training is given to the English Department on the My Yellow Balloon Narrative Writing Project. Teachers receive all curriculum and materials for the project. 


Parent night or coffee hour

In this simple but powerful session; Why Are We Talking About Feelings in English Class?  Ms. Papageorge leads a dialogue about the value of connecting the feelings associated with life experience into their student’s work in English.


  • Make deep emotional connections to their reading and writing

  • Feel empowered with the confidence to embrace a growth mindset and see themselves as true writers

  • Master the fundamentals of narrative writing

  • Experience the joy of sharing their story with the adults in their lives, with one another, and with the larger community (elementary schools, libraries, senior citizen centers, etc.)

  • Fully understand the power of storytelling by enabling them to experience firsthand how to build empathy and forge meaningful connections with others

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